Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Junior Sports Day 2012

On Monday 25/06/12 we went to Swansea University to use their running track for our Junior sports day. We all took part in the running, skipping and the Egg and spoon race heats, with the winners competing in a final for each year group. Some of us took part in the Long Jump, Shot Putt, Javelin and Discus. We were put into 4 teams and awarded points for taking part and finishing in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place.


  1. On monday the junors went to mumbles to do sports day . Frist we don running 1st was joseph 2nd was jay 3rd was harry e .In the skipping was in first place was hari c 2nd was jay 3rd carwin . In the egg and spoon was girls first was lucy . we don juvling , long jump and shot put . They said the winners the winner was ..... the green team. we went round the track to celabrite.

  2. Hi Mr Jone's class....

    What are your favourite sports?

    We want to share about our sports day...

    Louis says we have fun in the swimming pool!

    Cecilia we have speed jump over a barrier!

    Alex says we do throw a basketball in a net!

    Christian says we do shot put! It is a foam ball with a weight in it!

    Ezra says we do long jump!

    Louie says we run around the school 5 times in a group - without stopping!

    April says we use a golf club to putt a ball onto a sticky round target!

    Poppy says we do high jump - about 1 metre!

    Toby says that we do javelin!

    More to come later!!!

    1. Hi Mrs Darling's class. My favourite sport was the egg and spoon race because I won at it in the qualifiers and the finals.

  3. we do lost of stuf on stor day

  4. Hi my name is Mahmoud and on Monday we went to Swansea university sports day. We did Spriting,skiping,egg and spoon race and long jump.I came 4th in sprinting,5th in skiping,5th in egg and spoon race and 3rd in long jump.