Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Week of 28/05/12

This week is a very busy week. On Tuesday we are have our Diamond Jubilee Celebration Lunch. On Thursday we have our Summer Fayre. We also have lots of hard work to do in class. Can you write about your experinces this week. What have you enjoyed/learnt?

Take a look at our Rainforest art:

This is us having our celebration Jubilee lunch:

What do you think about our Photo Videos?


  1. Today we had lunch in a box because we are celebrating Queen Elizabeths 60 years of being queen.

  2. I realy enjoyed the lunch.I liked the Chips.

  3. Wow - your Jubilee lunch looks fantastic and VERY organised! Did you all enjoy it?

    Mrs Darling and Constable Class

  4. I like the crowns that your had to wear on your heads. I liked the way the tables were decorated. It looked like a big celebration. How many people were there?

    Dawson School
    New Zealand

  5. We had a look at your rainforest pictures.

    I liked the colourful trees - Ane

    I liked all the pictures. you drew nicely and coloured nicely in one direction - Rayhan

    I like the rainbow in one of the pictures because it was colourful - Reana

    I like the bushes. they were so green. you drew it really nicely - Eljae

  6. I like all of your art works there so coulerfal and April i liked your coulers!

  7. I liked drawing the pictures a lot.It was fun.

  8. what have you been doing? arsenah.
    Dawson Primary School NZ