Chicago Partnership

Welcome to our Chicago Partnership Page. This year we made friends with pupils from grade 2 at Tate Woods Elementary School in Chicago. We have been doing some really cool stuff with them and have made loads of new friends. We have worked together all year on projects as well as sharing our learning experiences.

Tate Woods Partnership

This Year we have been working with our friends from Tate Woods Elementary School on joint presentations to raise the awareness of a number of environment issues. Over the Autumn and Spring Term we made joint presentations with Mrs Atlics Class in USA. We have linked up regularly throughout the year via Skype that has allowed us to work together. We have used joint Sky drives to save and share our work. We organise our project into parts and presented all our work to each other at the end of our project. We love working with others outside our classroom.

Take a look at Mr Jones sharing his good work with teachers in Swansea.

How we made our joint Enviromental Projects 

1- We split pupils from both classes into 5 groups ( Deforestation, Saving Energy, Renewable Energy, Ocean Pollution and Recycling). This mean there were around 4-5 pupils from each school in a group. We Skyped up as a whole class and introduced group members to each other.
2- Next pupils in each group (in their own school) thought of questions they could research as part of their topic. They used a Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? question hand to record their questions.  Group members from both schools then Skyped to share all their questions ideas.

3- Once pupils had shared all their question ideas, they decieded who was going to research the answer to a particular question. Each pupil went away from the skype with a job to do by the next time they linked up.

4- Pupils then skyped up again as a group and shared the information they had found out. As a group they then decieded how they wanted to present the information (Video, Power point, Photostory etc.) After the skype pupils then had to present their research in their groups choosen format and upload it to a joint sky drive. Some pupils worked together from the different schools, they were able to open up each others work on the sky drive to add their research to their choosen presentation format.

5- Once everyone had added their research Mr Jones and Mrs Altic put all the work together to form a joint presentation. The information everyone had found out form the script for an oral presentation.

Take a look at one of our finished Environmental Projects (Saving Energy Group):

6- By joining everyones work, everyone also have a digital presentation to support their research.
(videos to follow!)
We Loved Working with our Friends from Tate Woods!


  1. I love the idea of sharing stories to read. Do you use sky drive in this way too? We have spent a lot of time working on some of our writing and it would be good to share it with others that way too!

    Constable Class

    1. We'd love to read your stories. Maybe we could set up a sky drive together to share our work. : )

    2. That would be FAB!.

  2. We think that it is great you have some contact schools in America!


  3. I´m a mother from germany. We visited you two years ago, it was a great experiences for the children. And it´s nice to read more about your projects.

    Thanks Melanie