Hawaii Collaboration

Hawaii Partnership

These are our friends from Hawaii - Aloha! : ). In the Autumn Term we exchanged digital stories based on what we will be learning about in our topic. In Pontybrenin Primary we made three digital stories on Wales, Chocolate and Folk Tales. Our Hawaiian Friends made three stories on Hawaii, Chocolate and Hawaiian Folk Tales. We loved exchanging our stories for each other to read.
Check them Out:

Hawaiian Story 1 - Our Country (USA)

Our Digital Story 1 - Our Country Wales

Hawaiian Digital Story 2 - Chocolate

Our Digitial Story 2 - Chocolate

Take a look at our Chocolate digital story. We made this using Story Kit on the I-pads

Hawaiian Digitial Story 3  - A Hawaiian Myth

Our Digitial Story 3 - A Welsh Legend

We also made this digital story using Story Kit on the i-pad.

We Loved this Project!


  1. Hi,
    My name is Keisha. I loved you video.

  2. Hi,
    My name is Aaron. i am from C.P.S. I love your video.