Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Natural Disasters

Watch the videos about natural disasters:

What did you learn from the video? Write as much as you can and don't forget your capital letters and full stops.


  1. Buildings collapse and family's and animals get hurt. When the earthquake is so strong the floor breaks

  2. if there is heavy rainfall a river gets flooded.

    during floods water inundates the fields
    during the rains lighting flashes the sky
    to deal with a natural disasters the goverment has set up a disaster management departmet
    during a earthquake teh ground vibrates or shakes

  3. If theres been a heavy rain the river will get flood .
    During an earthquake the ground skake or vibrates.
    All the fields get flooded and if it does not rain the field will dry up.

  4. buildings collapse in an earthquake the ground shaces and crackes the surface and familys get spreaded apart when it floods its beacuse of heavy rain floods shops and rouds and houses and farms a drout is when it dousent rain for years and people have nothing to drink and waterfulls melt

  5. I learnt that storms can knock roofs of houses.
    I learnt that earthquakes can do so much destruction to buildings.