Thursday, 18 July 2013

End of Year 4

This week we are breaking up for our summer holidays, it will be your last two days in Year 4. : (
Look back at the year - what were your highlights, favourite moments or lessons? I can't wait to read these.


  1. These are a few things that i liked in year 4 I liked it when we went to St Madocs and played locross it was realy fun Nathen was on my team he is one of the teachers he called me oliv ones. I also liked when we went to the woods and played find Chris and Nathen me and Cerys won twice. my favourite lessons were art and P.E they were both realy fun we made loads of things in art and played alot os cricket with Mr Jones, Mr Humphrese and Mr Roads. It was realy fun every single time we all enjoyed. Mr Jones is is a very nice teacher he always teaches well and we have lots of fun. Mrs Dennis is realy helpfull and kind when ever mr jones isnt here she teaches and we have loads of fun.

  2. Favourite momments:one of my favourite momments was when me & Joseph played tennis in golden time.The next was P.G.T and finnaly I enjoyed sports day.

    Mr jones:I liked mr jones he is very good at I.C.T and sports he is a nice teacher and i will miss this class.

    Miss dennis:Miss dennis is nice and always helps you whith your work and stops arguments.

    faviroute lessons or activty: ive enjoyed maths I loved st maddocks I enjoyed Castle henslis

  3. My time in year 4

    Mr Jones

    Mr Jones is fun good on the i pads computers and green sceern and if dose not know how to work the app or soumthing he will try and try untill he gets it right. He is good at teaching. He loves maths and really loves his linx. I wish id have him this year.

    Miss Dennis

    Miss Dennis is pritty loves kids helpfull and dose notgo mad. She is verry carlm and good at teaching people rights respecting schools. Miss Dennis loves her fashon scarfs and most of all she loves chocolate she also likes acerice.

    My favrite moments

    My favrite moments in year 4 are throwing a spoung at Mr Banister becuse he got drenced and soggy and going to the wet lands becuse we fed the ducks and saw the falmingos.

    My favrite lesson or activity

    My favret lesson is maths becuse i didnt really like maths untill Mr Jones showed us his amasing meathards and now i find maths easy. My favrite activity is going on the i pads on video scribe super 7 and kenote becuse it is really enjoyeble. Thats what i thing about year 4.

  4. My time in year 4

    My favirote moment in year 4 was when we went to St.Madocs, we had to throw spunges at each other it was fun, then the teachers were sqirting us with water guns it was the best time of our life!

    My favirte lesson and activity, My favirote lesson was when we had to draw a moutain that was a Welsh moutain, that had a golden harp witch was in a Welsh poem.My favirote activity is when wedo art, we drawn a picture of an animal on a peace of card, then we had to cut it out, then we did a bit of paper mashay to make it look 3D, after it dried we painted them it was so fun!!! I did a baby monkey!!

    Mr Jones is the best teacher you can ever have, he is very kind, he teaches you very well, I like it when we do maths with him.

    Miss Dennis is a very nice she will help you with any thing, she is the most kindest teacher I've ever met, the best helper teacher.

  5. My time in yeah 4
    Mr jones hes funny he makes you laugh everyday. Mr jones is cool and he always will help you if you have any problems he is so nice. He is kind and helpful , fun he is a teacher he never shouts.
    Miss Dennis shes cool , pretty and never shouts. she is fun , kind and helpful i like her so much. Miss Dennis is cool and always makes us laugh when she teaches us. Miss Dennis always will make you feel happy.
    favourite lesson My faourite lesson was when we made frogs and when we made the big dip posters it was really fun.
    favourite moments I loved itin st madocs and i lovedit in the bedrooms and i loved the waterfight.