Monday, 1 October 2012

Thinking Skills #1

This year many of you will be working on digital storytelling projects. Whether the stories we create are in groups, as a class, or individually, we will be able to use technology to tell some really awesome stories! So, to inspire us, letʻs take a look at a couple stories that were written by kids.
Watch the videos below!

Now, please turn to the person next to you and talk to each other using the following questions as a guide:
What did you like about the stories?
Which one did you like better? Why?

Now, in a comment on this post, tell me the answer to the following:
If you wrote a story that was about a really interesting main character, who would that main character be?


  1. i like the sacry smash it is funny the cold east was good but not as good as sacry smash.

  2. We loved scary smash but cold east is not as good.

  3. Scary smash and cold east is good for kids,they are fun to listen.

  4. I found scary smash really funny.My favrite person was the S.W.A.T captain.

  5. I like scary smash the best but cold east is good. If I had a story about a intersting chacter it would be a story I made called kiling frenzy, its about a man called ben who is the last person on earth with loads of zombies after him, he only has a machine gun and he has to survive. After a few days of trying he made a cure for the zombies he gave it to a zombie and it turned to a person called henry he gave the cure to every zombie and the world was back to normal. So then he had a medal and it said killing frenzy. The end