Monday, 23 April 2012

Week of 23/04/12

What have you been learning in class this week? Don't forget to say what you enjoyed the most. Remember to use capital letters and full stops.


  1. Hi Pontybrenin Class!

    We are really looking forward to finding out everything you get up to this week!

    Constable class (St Andrews Primary)

  2. today we have been learning about subtrakchion and so much about more diffrent kind`s of maths. mr jones went swimming with the year fours. we stayed with miss john we did math games with people. these are the people who won leon,april,mahmoud,mollie it was fun.

  3. Yesterday we were in miss Johns class.We were playing a game called the link.These people won Leon,April,Mahmoud and Mollie.

  4. today in gym we bascetball with bollns

  5. I like your voies. I like you guys. We like you.

  6. We are wondering what the game called 'The Link' is?
    Could you explain to us in Constable class?

    1. The link is a game where 6 people stand at the front of the class. The teacher asks a Topic question (any subject) e.g. 5x4. Who every shouts out the CORRECT answer first gets to eliminate one of the other players until there is one left in the group. All pupils have a turn in a group of 6 and then all the winners play in a grand final.

  7. Today in ICT/Geography we looked at the weather forecast in the Amazon Rainforest. We got the data from . We inputted the data into a Spreadsheet using our ICT skills. After that we looked at the UN Convention Rights of a Child. We are going for the Rights Respecting School Award so we were looking at what we thought were the most important Articles.

  8. My holy communion is coming up soon. I am so exited I already have my vail. I have a white dress with a bow in the back.

    1. Good Luck! Im sure it will be fantastic! Best wishes from all of Year 3


  9. Constable class think that swimming sounds great and we were wondering if you have a swimming pool at your school like we do? Or do you have to travel to a swimming pool?

    Do you swim inside or outside? What is the weather like there?

    We are going to try the Link game on our last topic: Vikings!

    Things we have been doing this week:

    learning about Greek gods (says April!) and goddesses (as they are not all boys!) (Says Nadine!)

    doubling and halving in Maths (says Toby)

    In science we have been thinking about plants (says Christian)

    We wrote about St George and the Dragon! (says Kalli)

    In Literacy, we have been doing information texts about Monsters that we created... (take a look at our blog to see some pictures!!!) (says Ezra)

    Wrote a profile about our favourite God/goddess and then if we finished we could complete our own one! (Says Cameron)

    In art we made fire hands and Olympic rings! (says Georgia)

    In music, we were making our own sounds to a sports day picture! (Ellie and Tilly!)

    This week we have looking at each others Monsters that we made (Monster Gallery!) (Ruth and a bit Kalli!)
    We have had a very busy week!!!!

    Mrs Darling and Constable class

  10. Hi Mrs Darlings Class. We go swimming to a local swimming pool, you are very lucky to have your own swimming pool. The pool we go to is an indoor pool so it is nice and warm. The weather has been very wet this week but we have managed to go out to play in our break times.

    We really enjoyed looking at your monsters. Mollie thought some of them looked really funny. Sean liked the Skeleton one. Chloe thought they were all really creative. Leon liked the 3 headed one. Lily liked the one with 3 heads and a big body. Hari thought they fruit one was clever. Amy liked the colours of all the monsters. Bethan thought they were all neat.

    This week we have also been very busy too:

    In Maths we have been learning the reletionship between (times and divide) - by Lucy
    We have also been doing some Maths mixes - by Bethan
    In English we have been learning how to write a report for a news round. We are making news rounds with our friends in Chicago and have been Skyping with them all this week. - by Leon
    We have been learning about rainforest as part of our topic. By Hari
    In ICT we have been finding weather information from the Amazon and inputting it into a spreadshett - by Luca
    We made power points about the rainforest and presented our them to our class - by Leon and Jordan
    We learnt how to use the green screen to film in locations we cannot go to - by Jay

    We really like your class blog and Thank you for visiting our blog this week. You can also follow us on Twitter @Pontybrenin
    Mr Jones and Class.